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About Us

Ciara & Serena in St. Louis


Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting The Dapper Paw, we are happy to have you! We are Ciara & Serena, and are the women behind the business. We have to say... we are totally living the dream! 


Meet Ciara!


Hello! I'm so glad you decided to stop by. Here's a little about me!

I pretty much live on coffee.. no shame! I live in Indiana (but it's considered the Cincinnati Metro!) with my husband, Dylan, and pup, Blue. If you receive a package from Indiana, I made it! I love seeing all of your photos with our products on social media, it totally makes my day! I run our Instagram and Facebook pages, respond to messages, and print our mugs and placemats. 

When I'm not working on Dapper Paw, you can probably find me playing frisbee with Blue, watching Netflix (currently binging on The Office), or eating Mexican food while enjoying a frozen margarita. Please send me any and all Netflix recommendations - no joke!




Hello! Serena here! Thank you so much for dropping by our site. I live in Kansas City with my boyfriend Henry and our three adorable dogs; Lola (Pomeranian), Dexter (Aussie), and Diesel (Aussie). As you can see we pretty much have a full house.  I went to college for fashion design and product development and after graduating I fell in love with Graphic Design. I'm the girl who created the majority of our designs for our products, along with all the new hand lettered apparel. I love seeing my creations come to life in all the pictures we receive from our customers. A few little facts about me: I drink coffee every morning. I love Mexican Food and Frozen Strawberry Margaritas (why do you think Ciara and I get along so well!?) When I'm Not working on Dapper Paw I am working on my other business where I have a hand lettered graphic tee line. If I am not working you will most likely see me and Henry playing volleyball in our league. 
Serena of Dapper Paw


How TDP Began

In 2015 we both had new puppies and were enrolled in Puppy Training at a local Kansas City business, Dog Obedience Group (if you're in KC you really need to check them out!). During class, our pups gravitated toward each other and it became evident that they wanted to be BFFs! Our instructor, Sherri, recommended that we visit the dog park together so the boys could continue to 'hang out'. We took her advice, and quickly we became just as close!
Over margaritas we decided we should start a business that benefits pups and the pet community - and thus Dapper Paw was born on April 1, 2016. Benefiting the pet community was important to us, and that is why a portion of each item purchased is given back to a rescue organization. Each month we sponsor a different organization within the United States. We have been blessed with amazing customers who have allowed us to give back over $8,000. Cheers to YOU!
Prepping New Products
Photos by: Katie Prestemon Photography